A Spell Out To Sea

by Karoline

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released May 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Karoline Lyon, France

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Track Name: Wander Walk
Wander Walk

We've got the time to rove
The slammer can wait
until the hollow lungs

Well I've been wandering around
lost in my daydreams, on my way
This time I've got to settle down
and from your brick castle you said
You said « Oh show what you've got
this world's not only just loe you know
You'll learn to break some hearts
you'll learn to spit on your treasures faces

But I keep walking on my way
wearing my seven league boots
On pretty disasters I swayed
hailed happy ghosts stuck on their roots
Oh man I don't feel like
saying goodbye to the sky
My eyes are open wide
even sized like the moon by night

And i've been walking on the street
greeting my weeping bottlenecks
I'm stomping my feet on the ground
'till I become a total wreck
And you say « Watch yourself girl
You're wasting time lying on that grass »
Oh boy you know what you've got to
Well I know what i want to, thank you !

You'll love it when you go
I know it inside my heart you will

And I've been wandering around
wandering in the alley of whys
I'm breaking away from the ground
as I meet all the cursed eyes
Well I breathe and feel the air
oh no you can't compare
and if they're billionaires
Well I dare them to care about us

And we got so much to say
So little to lose
We're only dust in the air
so let's roam again
on the Wander Walk
Track Name: Winter Wreck
Winter Wreck

You can better call this fall
a Winter Wreck
a hangover from all our tries
crawling in the slime
You can always try to call
to catch our lost song
well it's cracking underneath the night
of our dark wine

We were sailing on a wild sea
a drunkeness ship, those better floods
we gazed through
But then again you locked me in your wild sins
Entwined in your divine eyes, tinted of coal
your dead smile I could have died for
But then again you let me fall and drown
In the dance of our aimless hopes
our loving dopes, our reckless doves, starry eyed
Dust angels vowed for the curse

The lovely hatred we could feel
Like a spell thrown out to sea
Our ashes burn now you can see
I used to like you before loving you
Track Name: Pretty Odd
Pretty Odd

From a mountain in the middle of the words we sling on a spark
I got my corked ears from the night where the hitman kite laughed
As the divine eyes poured salt on me I saw
All the dying muddy wishes on the shore

And in the haze we started looking
Everybody 'round put top hats on
What if that maze is the bright side of my head
I'd grab all the lantern for my own

Heard the moon once fell down in the waves with her wax eyes bumming under floods
Here sore whistle appaled many cods called her the scarecrow of the shore
As the marching band play never ending songs
All around me fallen angels sing along

And there's a creepy whisper
that's coming from that hat
a candled swan spray out
sings 'ill I go mad
Track Name: Because We Are The Clocks Ourselves
Because we are the clocks ourselves

And then again on my swing from the end of my twig
I loafe but I curse my bud under the stare of the musty moon
She taunts and screams in my mind I have to cover my eyes
and run barefooted on the everlasting roofs of the world

In the twilight there's an evil sight
but its face can always smile

I'm swaying on the clock
Like in a daydream I'm sailing and drowning in the glimpse of my heart
I'm running throungh the bog
to find the glint of a smirking gloom

I wash and color my shrine where I lock my desire
I cry when I see the timeless cobwed coming back again
And when the foresight eyes cling on my back
and tap the rythm on my chest I can barely follow right

When I wake up in the night and the whole worlds seems to have stopped
I run and hide behind a bush telling hush but I just want to howl
That's when the ribs close back its hands and take my breath aways
And I'm falling down a well
Track Name: The Ending World Lullabye
The Endind world Lullabye

We wanted to fly 'till the end
as we were only flying by ourselves

We shadowed the moon as we traveled the skies
and the world fell down
We rode upon the stars
We shadowed the moon as we traveled the skies
and the world ended up
We turned off the light

We painted the ocean as we laugh
You blew on my waves sometimes
And I tore out your clouds just to fight
But then you smile and I can hear magic spell
straight out your mouth

We shadowed the moon as we traveled the skies
and the world fell down
We rode upon the stars
We shadowed the moon as we traveled the skies
and the world ended up
You blew on my night

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